How to care for cloth liners and pads

Your cloth liners and pads should last you an average of at least 5 years, if not more, even with daily use.

They are made to be machine washable and dryer dryable, so it's easy to keep them clean with minimal additional effort.

Soak in water. Discard the bloody water and soak again. You can use laundry detergent or a stain remover bar. The manual friction from a laundry bar will help dislodge blood particles. Repeat till the water runs clear. Do not use anything abrasive.

Soak in stain remover if necessary. I use a bleach-free oxygen powder stain remover or a laundry stain stick interchangeably. Launder as usual.

How to care for snack baggies, soap keepers or anything with a waterproof lining

Snack baggies, cutlery pouches, and soap keepers – these products feature a pretty cotton exterior and a food safe waterproof and greaseproof proof lining that is rated for hundreds of machine washes.

Simply pop them into a laundry bag and chuck them into the washing machine. You can also turn them inside out and hand wash or wipe down just the interior. Dry open in a well-ventilated space.

All other fabric items are machine washable and dryer dryable. Keep small items inside a washing bag. All items with metal parts can be spot cleaned with dilute laundry or dish washing soap. If you have specific questions, please send me a DM on Instagram.