Make better choices towards a more sustainable future with easy reusable products from the Tinkerbox. Choose more consciously and reduce single use waste for your best zero waste life!

Three areas where you can easily implement sustainable changes

Reusable cloth pad Q&A

1. What are the reusable pads and liners are made of?

2. How absorbent are cloth pads? Will they leak?

3. How do I handle pad changes when I'm out?

4. How should I wash and care for my cloth pads?

5. I want to try them but I'm apprehensive. What should I do first?


Which cloth pad's right for you?

Reusable menstrual products come different sizes and absorbencies that work with your flow and your lifestyle, just like disposable feminine hygiene products. Use them in combination to create your personal menstrual care kit that's perfect for you, in your favourite prints.

What about the fabric scraps?

I try to creatively use up the scraps I inadvertently acquire, turning leftover remnants into useful lifestyle products. This keeps pretty fabric from being discarded.


How easy is it to care for my Tinkerbox products?