Welcome to the Tinkerbox, a Singapore creative studio that handcrafts reusable fabric alternatives for your best zero waste life. Not only are these easy to use swaps fun, they empower you to make a tangible difference by choosing to reduce single-use in simple yet convenient ways.

Meet Kay

The Tinkerbox started with me volunteering to sew reusable cloth pads for girls in rural Kenya, who miss one week of school each month due to their periods. I sewed hundreds of pads and liners but it was only at a sustainable outreach event that I realised I hadn’t used them myself.

I decided I had to try them myself. I shared my experience on social media and was astounded and ecstatic when people started asking to purchase them.

I believe that a more mindful, low waste life can be fun, aesthetically pleasing and convenient. And let's be honest, we're more likely to use something if we love it and it sparks joy in our hearts!

I’m not perfectly zero waste but I believe in the power of many small changes making a big, collective difference. Thank you for making the Tinkerbox par of your own zero waste journey.

Outside the Tinkerbox, I love making low waste cold brew coffee, turning fridge food into amazing dishes, and hanging out with my dog.

 "We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” – Anne Marie Bonneau, @zerowastechef